Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lesson #1 In A Series:
How Not to Endear Yourself To Your New Team's Fans When You're A Lifetime .251 Hitter

From Newsday today, new Utility man Damion Easley, who hit .233 last season for the Diamondbacks and just signed a 1 year contract with the Mets:

"I was born in the Bronx and grew up a diehard Yankee fan," Easley told The Associated Press. "I loved the way Willie Randolph played and got a big kick out of meeting him when I was with the Tigers. For me to be playing for him now is a dream come true."

Ooookay. Maybe if you're say, Albert Pujols we don't care which team you grew up rooting for as a kid if you're bringing your bat to the Mets, but if you're a supersub and at-bats come at a premium, just leave it at to be playing for Willie is a dream come true, alright?

In the same article it's mentioned how Tom Glavine still doesn't know where hew wants to play but he'll talk to the Braves on Monday after the Mets, as promised, decline their $14 million dollar team option for 2007. Still confused. Why was agent Greg Clifton in the papers yesterday saying "if the Mets decline the option"? If El Duque is worth $12 million for two years, paying $14 mil for Glavine doesn't seem so far fetched, especially if D-Mat is going to get $45 mil for three years from Boston! And what is all this gentlemanly behavior by Wilpon, giving Tom the opportunity to leave for a division rival? If we hold a team option, shouldn't we pull the trigger on it if it keeps Glavine away from the Braves? This does'nt make sense!! Anyway, Newsday seems to think this will all be wrapped up in some shape or form by December 4th.

Omar says he expects to be busier on the trade front than signing free agents, yet...

The New York Post says the Mets may try to sign Moises Alou. This is one guy who doesn't care how many urinals are at Shea, since he pees on his hands.


The New York Times says free agent Julio Lugo is considered to be the Mets’ first choice to play second, followed by Mark Loretta. Lugo grew up a die-hard Mets fan., but the Red Sox are still Lugo's most likely destination.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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