Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mets 2007 Schedule - Mets face tough interleague sked.

All my detective work can come to an end. Adam Rubin has posted a printable version of the Mets 2007 schedule.

The holes I had been missing were an April visit by the Colorado Rockies, the May visit by the Yankees, a June trip to the Bronx, and an August visit by the San Diego Padres.

As previously stated, the Mets kick off MLB's season with a Sunday night ESPN game vs. the Cardinals on April 1st. Shea Stadium's penultimate season begins with the home opener on April 9th vs. the Phillies.

Hat tip to Metsblog for the heads up.

Also stated there is a comment that the Mets interleague schedule has them facing the Yankees, Tigers, A's and Twins. The commonality? All the AL playoff teams!

Meanwhile, the Phillies play the Blue Jays, White Sox, Indians, Royals and Tigers.

The Braves play the Red Sox, Twins, Indians, and Tigers.

The Marlins play the Devil Rays (6 times!), Indians, Royals, White Sox and Twins.

The Nationals play the Orioles, Twins, Blue Jays, Tigers, and Indians.

How is this fair?

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