Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why Stop at Citi Field?

My dad, a die-hard Junkees fan, wrote this. Pretty damned funny stuff...

If you're gonna do it, do it all the way
Mets 2009 opening day lineup card
On the Peter Pauls Mounds, El Duque
Behind Home Depot plate, Paul Lo Duca
Delgado playing at First Alert
Valentin at Timex watches sponsored second
Jose Reyes is the Hanes shirts and shorts stop
David Wright will be protecting the Hot Pockets corner
Cliff Floyd gets to cover the Scotts grass seeds left field corner
At Lowes Home Center is Beltran
and Shawn Green plays in RiteAid
In the bull (Papermate) pen will be Billy wagner
So come out to Citifield opening day to witness Jose Reyes be the first Met to step into the new Pillsbury cake batters box

1 comment:

Tubby said...

Maybe you and your dad should take your act on the road. A father/son stand-up comdedy routine. Good stuff!